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There are many reasons that enable sign-up outside of open enrollment including certain life events, such as losing health coverage, moving, getting married, having a baby, or adopting a child. It is important to start the conversation now. A Navigator can provide cost-free assistance to help you determine all your options.
Household size may affect Marketplace and Medicaid qualifications differently. Navigators will work to understand your unique situation, explain possible solutions, and help you get those solutions in place.
At the end of the public health emergency, some residents may no longer be eligible for Medicaid. Our goal is to ensure that you stay covered. Some may stay with Medicaid while others will shift to Marketplace solutions. It is best to start this discussion now to avoid losing or having a gap in your coverage when the emergency ends.
Marketplace and Medicaid insurances can be canceled at any time. For Marketplace insurance, we can even select a cancellation date in the future if you know exactly when it needs to be canceled.

Our Navigators have deep roots in the Granite State. As members of the communities they serve, our Navigators understand the unique needs of their community members and are perfectly positioned to help them secure the best health coverage option for them. We are a grassroots organization with Navigators located throughout the state who are available to assist you in-person, on the phone, or online. Our team speaks multiple languages, including Spanish, and our services are always available at no cost to you.

The first thing to know is that making even one full COBRA payment may delay the ability to get a tax credit in the Marketplace. Medicaid and the Marketplace may both be options to save money over COBRA. When you experience a life event, like losing a job, our Navigators are available at no-cost to discuss all your health coverage options with you.t
Our Navigators will assist with the transition from a work plan to an appropriate solution. When it is time for her to transition to Medicare, a Navigator will assist with that transition at no-cost and bring in any possible needed resources for the shift to Medicare.
Income is based on Modified Adjusted Gross Income in the year of the health insurance plan. If this change happened within a calendar year, then income will include past employment along with what is estimated for the new business.
Medicaid parameters are different from state to state. There is a high likelihood that there is a Marketplace solution available to you. Our Navigators can provide cost-free assistance to help you assess all your options.